St Lucia burglar repairs

It is never good to have a burglar in your home, often the damage they cause is secondary to the disturbing feeling of having your home violated by the intruder. Having someone in your home weather you are away or at home at the time is never something that anyone wants to go through.

If you have been robbed and need a locksmith in St Lucia, our locksmiths work 24 hours to help you fix your lock and key problems. You can call us any time of the day and night and we treat all break-ins as urgent and will have the locksmith to your home or business in no time.

If the keys have been stolen from your home, or if you are not sure if they have been stolen, it is best to have the locks changed so the thief can not come back and do more harm. If they have picked up a key inside a house they can simply walk back in at any time. Changing the locks will prevent a burglar from coming back and unlocking your locks with your key. The locks can be changed or rekeyd on-site by our mobile locksmith in St Lucia.

If damage has been done to the doors and locks, we carry replacement locks in our vans. The locks can be replaced and the doors repaired to secure the property. Whether it is a front or back door, sliding door, garage door, security door, or other type of door. We will be able to secure and repair the damage and rekey and replace the locks.

Upgrading locks and fitting deadlocks can also be done while the locksmith is at your home. Ask our locksmith for security advice regarding the best locks to fit for your particular doors and windows. Window locks can be installed to further add security to a house, apartment or business.