When keys are stolen or lost the best practice is to have your locks changed by a locksmith in St Lucia. It is also general practice to have your locks changed when you move into a new apartment, unit or house. When the locks need to be changed always use a qualified locksmith who is licensed under the QLD Security providers act to ensure your safety and security.

Locks can be changed on apartment doors only by a qualified locksmith. Fire doors need specialist tradesmen as non complaint door hardware and fitting can be disastrous in case a fire breaks out in the building and a complete new door could be required if locks are fitted incorrectly. A deadlatch type lock can be fitted to most apartment doors when extra security is required. The knob or lever handle lock set need to be a specific grade of lock and be fire rated to suit your door. We can replace apartment door locks as required and they can be rekeyed or have the lock cylinder changed when required.

Change lock on garage doorGarage locks, security door locks, sliding door locks can all have the lock cylinders changed to match the keys for the rest of the house or apartment. Upgrading to a better lock barrel can increase the security greatly for these doors. Many generic security screen doors can be picked and garage doors can be opened with the wrong key or a bobby pin. Changing to a better cylinder will prevent this from happening.

If you have been broken into then changing the locks is very necessary. A thief can steal a key, even without your knowledge and return at any time whether you are home or away. There are professional thieves who steal keys and often return once they have surveyed the property. I advise to always have the locks changed and new keys supplied when a thief has entered your home.